Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Questions and answers

The roundtable panel -- How to cover environmental innovation in innovative ways -- handles crucial subjects for society in our age. How we can be innovative, to transform our society so that it becomes environmentally sustainable. Clearly we need fresh thinking and advanced innovation.
Our panel will discuss whether journalism has succeeded in covering environmental problems. Evidently the coverage has been biased, and we will discuss this problem. What we should do to cover neglected areas? How can we avoid exaggerating some subjects?
In addressing these questions we will talk, for example, with the editor in chief of GreenTech Media, Michael Kanellos. He is exactly the right person to discuss these questions: in his work he covers emerging technologies and companies in the ‘green’ world.
We will also discuss how emerging technologies affect journalism. How can journalists use new technology. Computer science professor Erkki Sutinen will bring scientific depth to our discussion.
As June approaches, things are developing well, everything looks promising, and more participants will be joining our list of attendees later.

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