Tuesday, June 8, 2010

InJo Picks 2010: The Winners

Injo Pick No 1: Mark Glaser

The winners of the InJo Picks 2010 were announced today at IJ-7, the Seventh Conference on Innovation Journalism. This years' role model innovation journalists (and the Injo Fellows who nominated them) are:

Injo Pick No 1: Mark Glaser, editor of Idea Lab and PBS MediaShift, nominated by Tanja Aitamurto for his story "Why 'TV Everywhere' Will Fail".

Injo Pick No 2: Sheraz Sadiq
Injo Pick No 2: Sheraz Sadiq, Associate Producer of Quest, KQED, nominated by Matej Praprotnik for his story "Decoding Synthetic Biology; imagine living cells acting as memory devices; biofuels brewing from yeast, or a light receptor taken from algae that makes photographs on a plate of bacteria"

Injo Pick No 3: Peter Aldhous
Injo Pick No 3: Peter Aldhous, San Francisco Bureau Chief, New Scientist. Nominated by Shehryar Mufti for his story "My 'non-human' DNA: a cautionary tale;'This is a strange question, but are you sure this is Homo sapiens?' It's not every day that an expert queries whether your DNA is human, so when I received this comment by email earlier this month I was somewhat bemused."

The whole list of InJo Picks 2010 nominees and their stories are available on the IJ-7 conference website.

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  1. Great stuff - interview INJO conference participants here. we are steadily adding material over the next few days.